Ted Baker Accused Of Digitally Slimming Meghan Trainor's Photos, But They Claim It Was A Total Editing Mistake

These days, altering your photos seems commonplace, what with the zillion new camera and editing apps. Of course, that doesn't mean it's OK, especially if someone else is doing the retouching without the subject's knowledge. That's exactly what's happening in the latest scandal involving body-positive singer babe Meghan Trainor. According to Yahoo, Ted Baker was accused of digitally slimming Meghan Trainor's photos from a red carpet apperance.

Here's what happened: an email sent out by Ted Baker, a London-based brand, contained photos of Trainor clad in a Ted Baker blazer and pencil skirt ensemble. And press emails like these get little attention, but Yahoo Beauty realized that this was an exception. It looked as if the photos were altered and Trainor was slimmed down significantly. As Scooby Doo would say, ruh-roh.

But according to a statement released by the company, this was a complete accident. “I tried to put the images together and make them fit into the email. I’m so mortified that that was how it was received. I apologize and I take responsibility for that. I am a huge advocate for women and that was not my intent," it was said in the brand's statement.

Yahoo received an email from Ted Baker, stating that the photos were stretched out due to an attempt to reduce the image size. Although it's totally common for agencies and magazines to digitally slim down celebrities, I definitely have to go with Yahoo here — I feel like it was an honest mistake. As a non-Photoshop pro, I never know what I'm doing when I'm trying to resize photos. #fakeittilyoumakeit I always say. This definitely wasn't the most flattering story for Ted Baker, but I have to side with them on this one. But next time, maybe hire a professional to do the resizing?

Images: @ayalaforever/Twitter