'The Muppets' Primetime Series Promo Will Make You Feel Like You're A Kid Again (Kind Of, Anyway) — VIDEO

I honestly don't think I'm taking a giant leap here when I say that promo for ABC's new primetime The Muppets series is (read this Chris Traeger-style, please) literally the best thing to take me back to my childhood all week. I mean, mostly because A) It's Tuesday and B) I haven't really watched any super nostalgic things this week so far, but MY POINT REMAINS: The Muppets coming back to television is sort of an amazing idea, and this promo will totally make you feel like a kid again.

However, just because the promo will remind you of sitting in front of the television to watch reruns of The Muppet Show (or new episodes of The Muppet Show, if you were a kid during its original run between 1976 and 1981) or 1996's sorta-reboot, Muppets Tonight, that doesn't mean this new series will be anything like the show was before.

Running at a whopping two minutes and 41 seconds, the promo promises an updated version of The Muppets unlike anything we would have understood as kids: Kermit laments being stuck in traffic on the 405 freeway (a common occurrence in Los Angeles, as any Angeleno will tell you), Fozzie Bear gets a girlfriend whose parents offensively stereotype him, Miss Piggy takes selfies, and it'll be filmed Modern Family-style: That is, like a documentary, with cuts to one-on-one interviews. They're even drinking coffee from Dean & DeLuca! MUPPETS DRINKING DEAN & DELUCA COFFEE. As Kermit says in the promo: It's "sort of an adult Muppets show."

Though The Muppet Show has no official premiere date yet, it will air Tuesdays on ABC. Check the trailer below:

Image: ABC