'The Flash' Gets A Little Help From His Friends

Even though it took almost the full hour, the big guest stars finally showed up for Tuesday's episode of The Flash : Oliver Queen and Ronnie Raymond. Barry Allen needed lots of backup, after his first attempted ally failed, and who better to call than the Arrow himself, and the man on fire, Firestorm? It's a really good thing they came to Starling City, because Harrison Wells has pulled out all the stops as the Man in Yellow.

In the final fight of the episode, Barry quickly realizes that he and his friends are vastly underprepared. Not only is it like, metahuman-palooza, but Wells — aka Eobard Thawne — is here, he's mad, and he's ready to get back everything that's been taken from him, including his ticket back to the future. Wells is certainly faster than Barry, but The Flash has some powerful friends in his corner.

So finally, just a few minutes before the episode's end, guess who shows up? Oliver and Ronnie. It's important to note that Oliver's dressed head to toe in clothing straight from the League of Assassins collection, so that only confirms my suspicion that he took a little vacation from the League to help Barry. Wells even mentions that Oliver has ditched his all-green outfit, but Oliver politely lets that comment slide. He doesn't have time to explain to Wells that he's actually Al Sah-Him, a very high ranking League member, and he doesn't have time for small talk. He's here to take Wells down.

Ronnie, on the other hand, doesn't get too much screen time, but it's nice to have him back for a little bit — and Caitlin clearly felt the same way. I hope Ronnie plays a bigger part next season, if only as an excuse to give Robbie Amell more to do (and hopefully he'll bring along his other Firestorm half, Victor Garber).

Oliver's got an awesome Ray Palmer-enhanced arrow that can actually slow Wells down. That's the beginning of the end for him, because no sooner does Oliver let him know that his play is over before Wells is completely defeated. Last we see of him, he's lying face down on the ground — but still alive! — and Barry's commenting that they've finally got him. If I were Barry, I would be doing an insane happy dance.

Clearly, this capture won't last forever, and with only one more episode of The Flash left this season, I can only imagine what will go wrong over the next hour. They can only keep Wells down for so long.

Image: Diyah Pera/The CW