There Are Same Sex Traffic Lights In Vienna, And They're Pretty Wonderful Even If They Are Painfully Cutesy — PHOTOS

Any excuse to get all dressed up is a good one. Grocery shopping? Add pants for instant "socially-acceptable" glamour! Traveling? Some people argue traveling in style is a great plan so I'll go with an empathic "maybe!" The same applies to a city when something cool comes to town. It presents an opportunity for the community to show off, and what better thing to flaunt than open-mindedness? In an effort to do just that in its imminent hosting of the Eurovision Song Contest, Vienna, Austria added same-sex couples in traffic lights and they are legit rad.

Most walk signals in the U.S. depict a featureless person shape which is arguably masculine. Vienna's campaign aims to portray the Austrian city as open-minded, placing dozens of same-sex couples depicted in walk signs throughout the city's center. Some of the couples—get ready for this—also have tiny details such as hearts levitating between them or housed in their little illuminated chests. It's precious and preaches the importance of tolerance.


Obsessed with the heart detail, especially. These signs don't just promote the idea of open-mindedness, it promotes love as a whole. That's the best. Here's some more shots of the lights up around Vienna (clearly a hit already):

This looks like awesome progress in Austria, yet the German-speaking nation still does not recognize gay marriage. However, it does allow same-sex unions and same-sex couples may adopt. Maybe this is just one more step in the right direction for Austria. Fingers crossed!

Images: Imgur; hemikalija/Instagram