11 Places To Shop For Comfortable Sandals That Won't Blister And Bruise Your Feet All Summer Long

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Shoes are often the hardest article of clothing to shop for, considering there's a lot of trying on, walking around, and strapping down involved in the process. Finding sandals that are comfortable, thus, can be a challenge, especially while also maintaining style. But your summer sandal shopping doesn't have to feel like torture or be something you leave for last on your to-do list. Check out this guide for all of your sandal needs and get your shopping done before the season starts!

If there's one piece of advice I can give you to help your shoe shopping, it's to always choose comfort over style. But the ideal goal is to not have to compromise either in your sandal purchasing. I know from experience that if you buy sandals you think are cute but could do better in the comfort department, you will end up either being in immense pain or never wearing them. How comfortable and durable your shoes are can dictate your mobility, though, so proceed with caution! Also, I recommend taking some time to break in your new sandals before wearing them out for an entire day, to ensure maximum foot comfort.

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