11 Places To Shop For Comfortable Sandals That Won't Blister And Bruise Your Feet All Summer Long

Shoes are often the hardest article of clothing to shop for, considering there's a lot of trying on, walking around, and strapping down involved in the process. Finding sandals that are comfortable, thus, can be a challenge, especially while also maintaining style. But your summer sandal shopping doesn't have to feel like torture or be something you leave for last on your to-do list. Check out this guide for all of your sandal needs and get your shopping done before the season starts!

If there's one piece of advice I can give you to help your shoe shopping, it's to always choose comfort over style. But the ideal goal is to not have to compromise either in your sandal purchasing. I know from experience that if you buy sandals you think are cute but could do better in the comfort department, you will end up either being in immense pain or never wearing them. How comfortable and durable your shoes are can dictate your mobility, though, so proceed with caution! Also, I recommend taking some time to break in your new sandals before wearing them out for an entire day, to ensure maximum foot comfort.

Image: Fotolia


Naturalizer Sandals in the Wendy, $69, Naturalizer

These sandals are designed for maximum comfort, as the brand seeks to make women’s shoes that feature both comfort and style. This pair is definitely a winner, as it has good padding and a flat sole, but is also quirky and will go with anything.

The Walking Company

Dansko Sophie, $120, The Walking Company

If you like your sandals to have a bit of height, these Walking Company platforms will suit your fancy. They come in a variety of colors, but this pair acts as a neutral and can also easily transition from day to night. There’s also a lot of arch support built into the design of these shoes, which is great for us flat-footed folks.


Women’s Really Sexy Marbled Flip Sandal, $30, Crocs

Crocs has always been especially good at creating shoes that are both comfortable and cute. These sandals are a great alternative to flip flops, since they offer better cushioning for your foot, but provide total chicness.


Clothesline, $49, Aerosoles

Aerosoles are known for their high-quality and comfort level, so definitely give this brand a try. I think you’ll also be surprised by the vast selection it has available, its reasonable price point, and the stylishness of its collections. It also has sandals available in wide sizes for those of you who, like me, have a wider foot and experience trouble fitting into standard women’s shoes.


Earth Calla Slingback Sandals, $115, Foot Smart

This website is your one-stop shop for comfortable and stylish sandals. It has a huge selection and features a variety of brands, styles, and prices, so I guarantee you will find something on FootSmart that fits your sandal needs.

Comfort Plus

Women’s Sue Wedge Sling, $25, Payless

Payless has upped its shoe game in the last few years, as it now offers a variety of comfortable and fashionable options, like the Comfort Plus by Predictions line. This shoe retailer offers many styles at affordable prices, and shoes are also available in wide fits.


b.o.c Sadge Sandal, $42, Belk

Belk has a section of its website dedicated to shoes designed with comfort in mind and it has a lot of stylish options available to boot, including these funky sandals. If you like to wear shoes that are unique, in styles no one else has, you’ll love what Belk has to offer.

San Antonio Shoemakers

The Pampa, Varied Price, Sasshoes

This company is small, but it is mighty in terms of its comfort and style levels. The shoe is shaped to naturally accommodate the arch of your foot and is made with a multi-layered Tripad®insole that will leave your feet feeling great after a long day of walking.

Earth Brands

The Bay, $110, Earth Brands

Earth Brands has a variety of collections of shoes that are designed for premium comfort with maximum style for women who lead busy lives. These sandals are amazingly unique, fun, and definitely make a statement.

Cushe Footwear

Glimmer, $90, Cushe

Cushe Footwear is designed for maximum comfort, as its shoes feature arch support, crafted with molded rubber and soft leather to let your feet feel comfortable while you walk. Its designs are also quite cute and I know you’ll be impressed by its selection and value for the price.


Nike Benassi JDI Slide, $30, Nike

For those of you whose personal style airs more on the athletic side, you’ll love the offerings from Nike. With surprisingly affordable prices and superb quality, you’ll be swooning over these fun slip-on sandals. Considering that the line between workout wear and everyday clothing is being continually blurred, try these sandals if you want to add an athletic touch to your look.