7 Brilliant Ways To Upgrade Your Laundry Room

The laundry room is probably the most under-appreciated room in your entire house — and yet, it's also one of the most important. Give it the love it deserves with a few of these laundry room decorating ideas. Whether you're looking to make more space or simply want something a little nicer to look at, Hometalk has you covered on all fronts.

Have you ever had this happen to you — you hear your drier buzz that it’s finished, you fight your way past baskets and brooms to unload your clean clothes, then you look around for a free spot to put them down, but every surface is covered in bottles, unruly baskets, and stuff?

Your laundry room probably isn't your favorite room in your house, especially if it’s a tight, dimly lit, poorly kept spot. But who wants to go in there to tidy up when it’s not really going to get much better anyway? The shelves will still look cluttered, the walls will still look dingy, and somehow the room will still have that dull yellow glow.

We've got a way to turn your cramped laundry room into a space in which you enjoy spending time, no matter how many piles of dirty clothes you go through a week. Actually, we've got seven ways, from Hometalk bloggers who flipped their tired, dim laundry rooms into bright designer level spaces where anyone would be happy to just hang and wait for the drier to finish.

1. Add a classy backsplash

If you've got a sink in your laundry room, this isn't really as extravagant as it might sound. A backsplash isn't only an easier surface to clean than a painted wall, it actually protects the wall from water damage too! A backsplash is just a smart investment — choosing the material? Now that’s where the design fun comes in!

Project via Natasha @The Simply Lux Life

2. Stencil the walls

We know you've always wanted to try this (because everyone does), but it’s too time consuming, or you’re nervous it won’t be perfect. Well, no worries, because in that tiny laundry room, there’s not much space to cover, and if something smudges or doesn't come out right, it’s not like your guests will go in there anyway!

Project via Sharon @ Pretty Practical Home

3. Create drool-worthy organization

Baskets, and buckets, and labels — oh my! Create ultimate order in your laundry room by streamlining your organization. Grab a whole bunch of thrift store baskets, or add some easy shelves, to make sure that all your clothespins, detergents, and spot cleaners are right where you need them come laundry day.

Project via Tricia @ Simplicity in the South

4. Clear the floor completely

Besides for the fact that more legroom would probably make your washing experience much easier, no room looks truly clean until you can see the floor. For a brilliant storage idea, add a wall of pegboard like in this tiny laundry room, so that you’ll have ample space to store brooms, baskets, hampers, and even flower pots for decoration!

Project via Christina @ The DIY Mommy

5. Stack to save space

If your machines are front loading, don’t be afraid to stack them up to give yourself some more space. These DIYers were able to fit an entire laundry room into an itty bitty coat closet, thanks to machine stacking and some clever shelf placement.

Project via Vicki and Jennifer @2 Bees in a Pod

6. Get elegant with your lighting

Upgrade your look by upgrading your lighting! A pretty pendant light or chandelier will add a pop of sophistication to your laundry room decor. Bonus: a chandelier will add extra wattage to that dim space — any lighting will be better than that one yellow bulb that’s in there now.

Project via Christy @ 11 Magnolia Lane

7. Add some vintage charm

Cleaning and decorating will definitely amp up your laundry room look, but for added charm, give your space some character with chippy vintage or farmhouse touches. Wood planked walls and neutral tones can help turn a clean room into a designer room.

Project via Chelsea @Little Red Chair

For more awesome laundry room ideas, inspirations, and how-tos, check out our laundry room page on Hometalk!

Image: countrykitty/Flickr