11 Plus Size Lingerie Sets That Are Perfect For Spring And Summer And Won't Break The Bank

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Speaking as a woman with an F cup bust, I know how hard it can be to find beautiful plus size lingerie for summer that is both sexy and affordable — the struggle is real. So much of what is on offer in the way of lingerie for plus-size women is dark or frumpy or downright ugly. As far as I can tell, there is no real reason for this, though. Yes, larger breasts require more support; but that in no way means that they don't deserve to be dressed as beautifully as their less ample sisters. (I'm talking to you, Jamelia.)

I dream of a day when I can walk into any lingerie store and find that, A: They offer a wide range of sizes, including mine, across their entire range. And B: That they stock the full range in every store.

A few days ago, I was out shopping and I noticed that my bra felt quite uncomfortable. I quickly realized that the wire in my right cup had broken out of the fabric along the bottom, and was rubbing against the skin underneath my breast. It hurt and I had quite a lot of things left to do before I could go home, so I went in search of an inexpensive replacement to get me through the day.

I visited the store where I bought the bra I was already wearing. Knowing that it did indeed offer a relatively wide range of sizes in some really beautiful designs, this felt like a safe bet. I found several bras I liked and that were, according to the tags on them, available in my size. But I could not find a single one on the rack that would fit me! Eventually, I asked a sales assistant for help, but she informed me that although they do offer my size, it is not stocked in their stores. I could order one online or have it delivered to my home or to the shop. But I needed a bra there and then! And to be told that my size was basically not worth making space for in-store was nothing short of frustrating.

So my search continues, but in the meantime I have browsed the Internet for gorgeous lingerie for my fuller-figured sisters and I to fawn over.

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