People Search for Celebs' Feet. Like, A Lot.

by Anna Klassen

Ever wonder why when you Google a female celebrity, or even on occasion a male one, one of the top suggested searches is for their feet? Us too. But let's be honest, if Google search wasn't PG-censored and excluded words like "nude," "naked," or a variety of other things (you've probably already Googled) in their results, perhaps "feet" would not be so high on the list. But it is, and there's even an entire site, wikifeet.com, dedicated to uploading pictures of celebrities' feet. The site describes itself as, "a collaborative site for sharing, rating and discussing celebrity feet pictures and videos." Because apparently this is a thing.

Don't be confused, Wikifeet.com has nothing to do with the popular information site Wikipedia, but it's similar in nature: Anyone can upload to the site, and there is a celebrity search feature to find the perfect pics of whichever pair of toes you wanted to ogle. Yet the fact that a website dedicated to a part of the body many people try to hide exists is not as odd as the fact that 3.2 million people visit the toe-curling website every month.

Selena Gomez, Emma Watson and Katy Perry are the most popular celebrities on the site, and perhaps these stars are taking notice of how their feet rank. Keira Knightly reportedly used a foot double for her role in the WWII flick, Atonement.

There are even YouTube videos titled Female Celebrity Feet and Female Celebrity Feet: Close Up Edition that are exactly what they sound like — video montages of female celebrities and their feet. But the non-famous folk aren't the only feet voyeurs, certain celebrities have known foot fetishes, like director Quentin Tarantino nearly always featuring a beautiful woman and her bare feet in his films.

Artist Andy Warhol was a known podophilic, evident by the mummified human foot he kept by his bed. Actor Christian Slater once said in an interview, "I’m always experimenting in the bedroom and trying to discover new ways to have a good time and enjoy myself. I think toes are a lot of fun, definitely.” Even Elvis Presley's wicked hips couldn't resist a nice set of toes (possibly stemming from having to rub his mother's feet as a child). Reportedly Presley's handlers would even screen women based on their feet before they could have a romantic encounter with the King.

Now that's royal treatment.