7 Haylie Duff Maternity Outfits That Prove Pregnancy Doesn't Have To Mean Sacrificing Style

It’s a girl! Hilary Duff’s big sister Haylie Duff gave birth Tuesday to her first child, a beautiful daughter named Ryan. During an interview with Racked Miami back in February, the actress-turned-lifestyle blogger and host of The Real Girl’s Kitchen dished that she was “fighting the good fight on buying maternity clothes” but eventually, she had to give in.

But don’t think for one second that “maternity clothes” to Haylie meant the stereotypical loose, somewhat dowdy, pieces with weird prints all over that one probably wouldn't wear unless their eggo was preggo. No, no. During her pregnancy, Haylie was dressed to the nines in Alexander Wang tank tops and pants designed by Monroe or David Lerner leggings.

The term “maternity” is defined as motherhood, as in, you’re having a baby, not calling it quits on personal style. These days, according to every mother you will ever talk to, maternity clothes are not what they used to be. In fact, there have been multiple occasions where I've found myself meandering through the maternity department of Target by accident because a majority of said maternity wear is downright adorable. I would even go the distance to call it quite trendy, and Haylie is the perfect case and point. Check out 7 of the many times Haylie Duff proved pregnancy doesn't have to mean sacrificing style.

1. Perfect in Plaid

Absolutely glowing during her first trimester, Haylie looks adorable in a long-sleeved plaid button down under a black vest.

2. Baby and the Beach featuring Uggs and Denim

Casually taking a stroll on the beach, Duff sports a grey t-shirt and open denim button down, complete with black leggings and Ugg boots.

3. Champagne Bottles and Dresses

Celebrating a friend who was also expecting, Haylie matches the shower's champagne theme with a dress in that exact color, paired with a cream colored sweater. The perfect combination of classy and comfy.

4. Black on Black

A LBD is a classic wardrobe staple, even towards the end of your second trimester.

5. Maxi Dresses and Floral Crowns

Giving off a hippie feel, sister Hilary threw Duff the most darling baby shower, complete with floral crowns for herself and the mother-to-be.

6. Close and Comfort

During her third trimester, Haylie opted for comfortable ensembles, but still looked fab in her light denim jeans and cream-colored oversize sweater.

7. Cozy in Love

30 days before little Ryan was born, Haylie and fiance Matt Rossenburg posed for a family photo, and I am loving Haylie's cozy knit sweater and legging combo.