Are Taylor Swift & Jessica Alba Friends In Real Life? They're Not Besties, But They're Not Strangers Either

Just in case you haven't heard, Taylor Swift's new music video will star everyone and their mother in Hollywood. From Kendrick Lamar to Lena Dunham, Swift is bringing out all the big players in the entertainment industry to make an appearance her song "Bad Blood." She has been teasing the video daily on social media by releasing photos of new characters, all played by fellow celebrities. And as revealed per her latest epic Sin City-esque promotional poster for the mini-film, Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video will also star Jessica Alba. Which leads to the question: are Taylor Swift and Jessica Alba friends?

Of course, many people have commented that it is fitting Alba would be in a Sin City-inspired promo for the video, considering she starred in that very movie. And this has to be absolutely thrilling for people who are fans of both stars. But some people may be wondering if Swift and Alba hang out in real life, or if this is the first time the two stylish ladies have ever talked. After all, for all we hear about Swift palling around with her famous friends, we have not heard about any best friend road trips or nights spent making baked goods with Alba. As it turns out, the two ladies are not quite at that level of BFF status, but they are not exactly strangers, either! In fact, they even shared a stage together at an awards show.

In 2010, at the American Music Awards, Jessica Alba was the one who presented Taylor Swift with the Favorite Country Female Artist award. (Wow, it seems like forever since she considered herself fully country, doesn't it?) After Swift showed her signature surprised expression after hearing she'd won, she took to the stage to accept the award. Obviously, she needed to make a speech, so it's not like the two women had a conversation right then and there. But they did share a sweet hug which was captured on screen.

But as reported by Us, Swift and Alba seemed to have spent some more time together backstage after she was presented with her award, and even "bonded" a bit. It is unclear exactly how much time the two spent together and if they have hung out together alone since that show. However, Alba obviously made a good enough impression on Swift to be part of her star-studded clique in the music video, which includes confirmed T. Swift BFF Karlie Kloss. And Swift is obviously excited to introduce Alba as a character in the meantime.

Could this be a new celebrity best friendship for Swift on the horizon? We will have to stay tuned to find out. In the meantime, enjoy this poster and keep up to tabs with Swift's Twitter page to see the rest of Hollywood make an appearance!