13 Ear Crawlers To Up Your Jewelry Game And Channel The Chic Punk Looks Of Yesteryear

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I’ve never been a fan of ear cuffs because they tend to fall off and I wind up losing them. Luckily, ear crawlers have been dubbed the new cuff! Unlike original cuffs, ear crawlers fasten securely to your ear, and while that may not sound comfortable, it is! In fact, ear crawlers might just be the most comfortable earrings I own besides my tried and true studs.

With major trendsetters like Kate Bosworth and Emma Watson embracing the trend, it’s only a matter of time before crawlers become mainstream. So put away your heavy chandelier earrings and your dangerous hoops, and join the ear crawler bandwagon.

I've rounded up the 13 coolest crawlers on the market for your sartorial escapades!

Image: Patticakeblog/Instagram

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