The Top 10 Colleges With The Most Dateable Alumni

Have you ever lamented the struggle of finding a potential S.O. who is both smart and sexy? Have you wondered if somehow, in a stroke of horrible luck, you chose a college with the least dateable people in America? Has your perpetual singledom driven you to consider transferring to a new school with a whole new pool of suitors? Well now you have the perfect information to guide you: Popular dating app Hinge just compiled a list of 30 universities whose students and alumni the most eligible bachelor and bachelorettes in the country.

Using their own data to determine attractiveness (based on swipe-right rates) and US News and World Report's college rankings to determine brain power, Hinge — which finds second-and third-degree connections based on your Facebook friends — has blessed us with the knowledge we need to find an amazing guy or gal who is not only easy on the eyes but can also engage you in conversation about history, philosophy, art, or whatever else the intellectual in you desires.

Here are the top 10 US colleges whose students and alumni are the most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes just waiting to be loved by you (probably). For your sake, I sincerely hope your alma mater made the list — I know mine didn't (SMH, Northwestern).

10. Boston College

Ranked No. 31 on US News and World Report, BC alumni are swiped right 11.1 percent more often than average.

9. Clemson University

Although they are only ranked No. 62 in the nation in terms of brains, Clemson alumni are right-swiped 18 percent more than Hinge's average user.

8. University of Wisconsin-Madison

This No. 47-ranked school boasts a right-swipe rate 14.1 percent higher than average.

7. University of Miami

The temperature and the people in Miami are hot — they're swiped right 15.8 percent more than average — but they're brainy, too, ranking No. 48 in the nation.

6. Tulane University

Ranked No. 54, Tulane alums also have a right-swipe rate 16 percent higher than average.

5. University of Virginia

The alums of this No. 23-ranked university are right-swiped 11.5 percent more than the average user.

4. Duke University

While they only have a right-swipe rate 9.7 percent higher than average, Duke ranks No. 8 in terms of book smarts.

3. Southern Methodist University

With a right-swipe rate a whopping 21.7 percent higher than average, No. 58 SMU might have some of the hottest and smartest alums in the country.

2. Wake Forest University

I wouldn't mind waking up (get it?) next to a No. 27-ranked Wake Forest alum, who are swiped right 16.6 percent more than the average Hinge user.

1. Vanderbilt University

And the winner is No. 16-ranked Vandy, whose brainy guys and gals are right-swiped 16.7 percent more than average.

So there you have it: America's most beautiful and intelligent singles. If you're thinking of moving closer to one of these schools, I wouldn't blame you.