Damon Wayans Jr. Wants More 'Happy Endings,' Too

by Alanna Bennett

We are still deeply in mourning over the cancellation of ABC's Happy Endings. You can't just hint that you're gonna pick up a cancelled show and then not, USA! Our hearts just cannot take it. Luckily we've got Damon Wayans Jr. on our side, and Wayans is up for a Happy Endings reunion of sorts. Your move, world.

And yes, "reunion" is perhaps not the right word for getting a cast back together when they were separated mere months ago, but our souls are ravaged and broken without Happy Endings in our lives don't harsh our buzz, bro.

Here's what he said when E! visited the New Girl set (jealous) and asked about getting the Happy Endings cast back together:

"I would love to do anything with that!" he says, adding that the format almost doesn't even matter since he and his former costars have so much fun working together. "We'll even just come to your living room and act it out."


Wayans is returning to New Girl tonight — did we mention how excited we are about that? Because we might actually be a little too excited about that — and reports say it's gonna be a-mah-zing.

Now please excuse us while we go through our backlog of Brad Williams clips.

Image: ABC