Rosie Huntington-Whitely Wears Airport Outfit That Costs $56,000, But She's Not Alone In Expensive Casual Wear

While traveling, Victoria's Secret Model Rosie Huntington Whitelely wore a casual airport outfit featuring skinny jeans, an animal print blouse, and a leather jacket. Semi-casual, very stylish. Doable. Until you find out Whitely's ensemble retails for a whopping $56,559.

I want you to think hard about your most casual outfit. You’ve got your weekend jeans and Forever21 graphic tee, complete with flip flops and Alex and Ani bracelets for a total of maybe $75. You look just as good as the celebs rolling out in there dress-down staples and for much, much less. Oftentimes, there was nothing casual about the price tag on those not-so average blue jeans and what appear to be spontaneously thrown on tees.

Celebrities are doing casual all wrong, yet so right. Would I drop a couple grand on a pair of jeans? No. Is that because I don’t have that kind of money to burn without missing a few student loan payments in the process? Maybe.

I’ve always felt that celebrities attempt to dress casual in order to connect with us non-trillionaires, but somehow we always find out just how much effort and money goes in to looking like they didn't try too hard for the average celeb.

Clearly, there are those who dress casual to make a statement, and those who dress casual to get out of our standard 9-5 skirt and heels. Check out five examples of times when celebrities "laid-back" looks turned out to be mighty costly.

1. Katie Holmes

Do not be fooled, friends. Katie Holmes certainly did not wake up like this. Taking a stroll through Los Angeles to get some shopping done, the Daily Mail caught the actress dressed in what looks to be post-gym attire — sweats and a purple sports bra under a sheer white tee. However, notice Holmes's accessories of choice: a pair of Chanel sunglasses and Celine Mini handbag which alone retails for $2,500. Ouch.

2. Rihanna

We're used to seeing Rihanna in so little clothing these days that it comes as a shock to see her covered up, let alone in a simple pair of ripped jeans and a striped button down. Casual? Yes. Affordable? No. Perez Hilton reports that her blouse and bottoms alone cost $474, and I can only imagine the overall total once you include those fabulous Manolo Blahnik heels. Only in my dreams.

3. Beyonce

Beyonce sat court side with husband Jay Z at a Nets game this past February, repping the Brooklyn teams black with a pop of red on her leather-paneled tartan jacket designed by none other than Karl Lagerfeld. According to, Queen B's jacket and pompom hat cost a painful $795. Also take note of the pair of black Prada shoes.

4. Ashley Tisdale

I would totally wear this outfit, but unlike Ashley Tisdale, there would be no way in this lifetime I'd be paying $40,203 to do so. E! Online broke down the High School Musical alum's outfit by piece and price for us. The most expensive? That shining gold Rolex around Tisdale's left wrist, retailing for $34,350.

5. Kim Kardashian

We're back in the airport where casual meets costly. I cringe paying $65 for a Victoria's Secret hoodie, but I guess when you're Kim Kardashian, $870 for Vetements bell-sleeved pull over barely makes a dent in your wallet. According to Mrs. West paid an impressive $2,642 for her travel look. Not anywhere near as expensive as Whiteley's, but, come on — it's the airport, not a runway.