6 Reasons You Should Never Bail On Your Friends

by Kat George

It can be easier than you think to be that person. You know who I'm talking about: the one who ditches their friends as soon as a romantic prospect presents itself. Eventually, you get to the point where you're in a serious relationship and you're old enough that "ditching" isn't really a thing anymore, but until then, it's important to keep your friends in high priority. I mean, it's always important to keep your friends in high priority, but in some ways when you're in a serious relationship it's much easier to spend time with your friends because no one is looking around for anything, and your attention becomes more focused on what's directly in front of you.

But when you're out at the bar, in your freakum dress, throwing back shots like you're a 21-year-old with a mission, and out of nowhere a heart stopping hottie appears like an apparition, it can be very easy to ignore the fact that your friends are surrounding you, wondering why you've gone all glassy eyed and distant suddenly. Next thing they know, you've disappeared into the night without a word. For the record, that's not okay. It's not a nice thing to do to your friends to ditch them as soon as a dude presents himself. It shows everyone around you exactly where your priorities lie, and it doesn't look great for you when your prioritizing a stranger over your friends. Here are six reasons you should never ditch your friends for a guy on a night out.

1. You went out with your friends, so go out with your friends

You organized this night with your friends to be with your friends. If you want to go out and meet people to flirt with, organize a night to go out and meet them. As mentioned above: ditching your friends makes them feel like the thing you do while you're waiting for the actual thing you want to do to come alone.

2. You can hang out with the hot person another time

There's no rush. If they're a nice guy/girl, they'll get it. Exchange numbers, have a little flirt, and get back to your friends. You can go out with Joe McSexyFace tomorrow.

3. You may never see this person again

This isn't serendipity. It's a drunken hookup. Don't act like every person you meet while out could be "The One". They're not. Chances are, in the scheme of your life, you'll probably forget this person's name, or that you ever met them. Your friends, however, will be there long after. Meanwhile, in the extremely rare case that you did catch your Moby Dick, you're not going to lose him by opting to continue your night out as planned.

4. And your friends are probably much more fun than some rando

What's more fun: a night dancing and gossiping and eating street meat at 2AM with your friends while laughing hysterically the whole time, or weird awkward drunk sex and sneaking out of some strangers apartment at 2AM with your heels in your hand, trying to figure out where the fuck you are. Plus, your friends are going to be talking about your fun nights out, do you really want to be the one that doesn't get the in jokes?

5. Because it's unsafe to just wander off, or to leave a friend alone

I'm not victim shaming here. I'm not saying that it's a woman's responsibility to make sure she doesn't get raped. But it is still important for women to have one another's backs. Man, woman, puppy — it's never a safe idea to wander about aimlessly with people you don't know, especially when you're drunk. If you're drunk or your friend is drunk and you're in a strange environment, it's not really a good idea to leave one another. Make sure your friends get home safely, and let them do the same for you, not because its a woman's responsibility to not get herself assaulted, but because the fact is women do get assaulted, and that makes it important to know your friends will always be there so you don't unnecessarily wind up in situations that could become threatening.

6. Boys stink anyway

Literally. Boys smell putrid. Your friends smell like washed hair and delicate perfumes. This shouldn't be a hard choice to make.

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