'The Odd Couple' Season 2 Can Learn From The Past

CBS' big remake is wrapping up its first season and as Deadline reported, The Odd Couple Season 2 is officially happening. Most of the network's shows are returning for another season, but there was some curiosity about whether or not The Odd Couple's modest ratings would be enough to bring it back. It did replace the one-time juggernaut Two and a Half Men, after all. CBS was convinced enough to renew the series, though it is not listed on the fall schedule posted by Deadline.

But don't worry, The Odd Couple premiered at midseason, so it will likely return there. CBS doesn't have a ton of comedies on its schedule, but The Odd Couple does have other things going for it. Like most of Perry's former shows, the cast is pretty fantastic, from Thomas Lennon as co-lead with the Felix part, to Yvette Nicole Brown, Wendell Pierce, and Dave Foley as three of the supporting characters, all TV veterans. And while it's not the funniest show on the air, it doesn't fall prey to any offensive material for jokes, or use stereotypes for laughs, which is still frustratingly prevalent in comedy today.

But with this second season, The Odd Couple breaks a pattern that has been in place ever since Friends ended. Every show Perry has starred on since he played Chandler Bing has been short-lived. This is the one that's managed to make it to Season 2. But does The Odd Couple deserve that distinction? Maybe not yet, but it could, if the show learns from the mistakes — and the high points — of Perry's collection of one-season wonders.

Go On: Work That Ensemble

This show, which aired from 2012 to 2013, has one important lesson that The Odd Couple should learn: don't be afraid of the ensemble. This show's best material was in those big group scenes, but it felt the need to give Perry time alone. The same thing is in danger of happening to The Odd Couple — there are all these experienced comedians and yet the show doesn't let them share scenes nearly enough.

Mr. Sunshine: Embrace The Co-Lead

This show was a little overlooked, but the chemistry between Allison Janney and Perry was pretty wonderful. Just two seasoned actors creating characters and bouncing off of one another. The Odd Couple has the opportunity to do the same thing with Perry and Lennon. As the characters get used to living together, they can play up the differences in a less contentious way.

Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip: Be As Hilarious As Possible

I adore this show; it's perfect as a "good-bad" show. Of course, creator Aaron Sorkin wouldn't see it that way, because he created it as a very hyper-serious show... about comedians. But Studio 60 worked as well as it did because the collection of characters were so self-involved and self-aggrandizing that each of their scenes unintentionally became hilarious. If The Odd Couple Season 2 is able to match that number of laughs per scene, it could easily become one of the best comedies on TV.

Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS; Giphy (3)