Trailer For Samantha Bee's Late Night Show On TBS Is Feminist As ... You Know — VIDEO

Listen up, people who enjoy laughter. If you don't know, The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee is getting her own TV show. I know, how cool, right? In even cooler news, Deadline relays that Bee “will serve as executive producer on the show, along with Jones,” this Jones being Jason Jones, her former Daily Show co-correspondent and husband. The trailer for Bee's show was released on Wednesday, and it’s something you'll want to pay attention to.

Let us talk about the trailer. You can check it out for yourself below and see what all the commotion is about. It’s subtly hilarious and poignant. The short trailer drops little nuggets of proof that the show will be snarky, quick witted, and different. Just how will Bee's show be so different from the rest of the late-night programs out there? Well, for starters, she doesn't have a sausage. In fact, she's OVER sausage. Add to that that she's "female as f*ck" and we have a recipe for a winning show.

In honor of this short yet sweet glimpse, here are 11 of the best moments from Bee’s trailer, because they make me want to see the finished product even more.

When she made this face

Curious, isn't it?

But, especially when she made that face

Because she pointed out the longstanding (with few exceptions) Late Night Boy's Club mentality with one facetious facial expression.

When she showed us the "big picture"

Well, when you put it that way...

When she went there

*Snickers.* Sausages.

When she implied that Jimmy Fallon is "mild"

I mean... he is a pretty mellow dude.

And that Carson Daly is "extra mild"

It's cool, some people don't like spice.

But no one knew what to make of James Corden's specific brand

I think it's probably of the organic chicken apple variety. Idk why, just a feeling.

When she shouted out John Oliver's "banger"

Friends helping friends.

When she reconsidered the whole sausage thing in general

Because she's sick of them.

When she enacted a physical, "BYE, FELICIA"

With a smile.

When she uttered our newest catchphrase

Getting "female as f*ck" etched onto my tombstone.

Images: ChannelGuideMag/Youtube