15 Funny Graduation Cards To Soften The Blow Of What The "Real World" Has In Store

You know someone who is graduating — congrats to them! Grads are gonna be going through a gambit of emotions on commencement day, so don't be surprised if you see a lot of tears, terror, and fist bumps. Graduating from college is tougher than it used to be, and navigating through post-college life is even harder, so your grad deserves a funny graduation card to celebrate their hard work (and soften the blow of what's ahead of them). Here are a few that ought to do the trick just fine.


Don't Assume

Though, if they graduated with a degree in theoretical physics…

Funny Graduation Card, $4.50,

Grad Chart

All roads lead to debt, apparently. But congrats!

Graduation Card, $4.50,

College Was The Easy Part

If you thought studying for an exam was hard, try filing your taxes, planning a wedding, and balancing a budget at the same time.

Congratulations on Getting Through the Easiest Part of Adult Life, $4.04,

Too Cool For School

Graduating — all the cool kids are doing it.

Funny Graduation Card, $4.50,

Level Up!

Now all the real work begins.

Level Up Graduation Card, $2,


All my seventh (and eighth and ninth) year seniors — I feel you.

Way to Go you Finally Graduated Card, $3,

Forget All The Things

I mean, as a journalism major, you didn’t really need to remember the chemical makeup of iron anyway.

Funny Graduation Card, $4.30,

Welcome To Debt

You’re laughing to avoid crying, right?

Congratulations To A Life Of Debt Card, $4,

We'll Still Be Friends

I’m sure the answer is yes… guys? Where are you going, guys?

Do You Still Want To Be Friends Now That You’re Smarter Than Me? Card, $4.50,

So, That Just Happened

It’ll sink in eventually!

Graduation Greeting Card, $4.50,

B.A. Required

You have at least one thing going for you then.

Funny Graduation Card, $4,

Get A Job

Welcome to the real world — the real world of having to use your degree for something.

I Could Not Be More Proud of You Card, $4,

Report Card

Look! The last report card you’ll ever get!

Funny Graduation Report Card, $4.50,

Oh, You Know

You know… well… something.

Graduation Card, $3.64,


Don’t worry, we won’t tell grandma what kind of wasted your mind got.

Wasted Mind Card, $4,