Stephanie Beatriz Gets Hot Pink Reverse Ombre Dye Job And It Will Make You Re-Think The Been There, Done That Trend

Thanks to celebs like Julianne Hough and Jordan Dunn, pink hair had a moment during the two week span of Coachella. While it had a good run, I’m thinking actress Stephanie Beatriz’s hot pink reverse ombre 'do might just be the next best trend. Less is more, and while I was fairly close to dying my hair the pastel shade of an Easter egg, a touch of pink might just be enough of a nod to the bold and the beautiful.

Ombre is out and reverse ombre is in, I say! When it comes to switching up hair colors, it doesn't have to be a matter of all or nothing, and your typical ombre style of dark to light has been done, redone, and done again (in large part thanks to Kylie Jenner). A switch up has been long overdue.

Beatriz took to Twitter to announce her spontaneous coloring, tweeting "What are the odds I dyed part of my hair hot pink?" It wasn't until the next day we had our answer. Clearly the odds were in our favor and Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Detective Rosa Diaz upped her cool factor by a ton.

A female cop? Hot. A female cop with a pop of pink hair? Hotter.