The 15 Most Unrealistic Sex Scenes of 2013

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Honesty time! I'm never not uncomfortable while watching a sex scene. That's just me and my story. I'm an immature prude. When it comes (nope. Nope. I'm going to leave that one alone) to sex in movies and television, I fight the juvenile urge to cover my eyes. Given my love of blue humor and jokes about genitalia, you'd think I'd be able to handle watching sex scenes. Not the case. I'm working on it. "Be less freaked out by movie/TV sex scenes" has been my New Year's Resolution for five years.

As much of a middle schooler as I can be about S-E-X, I am more than able to recognize a patently awkward sex scene. I can tell the difference between a run-of-the-mill sex scene and a balls-to-the-wall no pants dance scene, thank you very much. Trust me, there are TV and movie moments out there that don't sit right with even the chillest of viewers. Some of the following moments are uncomfy because of context, others because they are flat out difficult to watch. All of them make me blush.

Note: I fudged the lines a bit and included "simulated sex" and "masturbation" on this list. Please don't throw things at me!

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