Elena Is Clearly Going To Die On 'The Vampire Diaries' But There Are Still Ways To Bring Her Back

I think we all need to face some hard facts here: Elena Gilbert will die on The Vampire Diaries. Way harsh but true and everyone just needs to get right with that before the Season 6 finale. It’s going to be tragic — I’m guessing it will take place as she is draped lovingly in Damon's arms while a hauntingly beautiful acoustic song plays softly in the background. Prep the kleenex, because it’s going to be a tearjerker. Let’s be prepared for some loss and sadness... and also some fancy magical footwork, because when Elena dies, The Vampire Diaries will bring her back somehow, even if it's just for the finale. I would bet big money on this, guys.

If they can find away to bring back Jeremy (like a million times — that kid has more lives than a cat), Stefan, Bonnie, and Damon not to mention the long dead Alaric, there is no way they will simply leave Elena to her fate. Since we’ve been around the death block once or twice, I have determined the most likely supernatural loopholes they could use to bring her back, just in time to ride off into the sunset with Damon. If it’s not one of these, I’m sure they’ll find another crazy, more complex way to bring her back — because it would just be too crushing to have Elena really be gone for good.

Gilbert Ring

Remember when we were talking about all of the times Jeremy died? Well, the Gilbert ring was pretty crucial in saving him. It’s also helped out Alaric and Matt Donovan from time to time so it would make sense if Elena held onto one. This would be pretty effective for faking her own death to escape the Heretics and start a new life.

Traveler Blood

Katherine Pierce was a traveler and so was her daughter — so why wouldn't her distant relation Elena have that same talent? She could use her traveler skills to hop a ride in someone else's body, until they fix whatever damage death has done to hers!

Body Jumping

This is similar to body travelling, just with more witch spells involved. She could take a page from Rebekah Mikaelson’s book and hop into a new body for good. Hey — now that Rebekah is back in her original body, maybe Elena could take over Eva St. Claire?

Vampire Resurrection

We all saw her take the cure and go human again, but what are the odds when she dies she still has vampire blood in her? Maybe second time's the charm for her immortality.

Bennett Witch Spell

There’s nothing more powerful than a Bennett witch with a vendetta and Bonnie knows her way around a grimoire. It may take some time, but I bet Bonnie could figure out the right ancient ritual to bring her back. Does she know Davina? Those two could really help each other out right now!

Lexi Saves The Day

After she saved Stefan (like a boss) during the episode "Home" I am pretty sure Lexie can do no wrong, and has a lot of pull in the afterlife. When she sees how much pain Elena’s death is putting Stefan through, she'll get very proactive about getting Elena back among the living. She’s a solid friend that way.

Witch Sacrifice

Hopefully not a witch named Bonnie, but if we learned anything from Davina’s resurrection in Le Grand Guignol it is that a ton of powerful witch blood can take you far. All they have to do is find some and make it work.

Damon Goes To The Afterlife And Pulls Her Back

I just don’t see Damon taking her death lying down. Nope, I more see him charging through the veil and making a mess of things until he finds Elena. Maybe they both return as humans? Hey, it’s The Vampire Diaries after all! Anything could happen.

Images: Tina Rowden/The CW; giphy(5); youwerethereforme,teen-controlled-by-fandoms,damon-mylife/Tumblr