Kendall Jenner Wore Sweatpants So Here Are 15 Other Pairs To Channel Her Amazing Athleisure Style This Spring

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If you put a gun to my head (just a water pistol, guys!) and asked me which Jenner/Kardashian has the best street style, I'd have to tell you Kendall. And when Kendall Jenner wore sweatpants by Eileen Fisher a couple weeks ago, this verified my feelings all the more.

She brings it all day, every day. I mean, I don't see her when she first wakes up, but I'm assuming homegirl looks just as beautiful in her all-natural glory. Just a week ago, Kendall rocked a Canadian tuxedo like no other, but I still couldn't stop thinking about her sweatpants style. Sweats can be a not-so-easy look to wear in the day to day, but Ken obvs makes them look so easy.

But we are all babes, and we can wear sweats, too. I mean, Drake said it, "Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no makeup on, that's when you're the prettiest, hope that you don't take it wrong." We will rock the dopest sweats on the shelves because if you’re going to dress down, you might as well wear funky, fashionable sweats. Take a look at some super cool sweatpants that are sure to give you Kendall Jenner vibes.

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