Why Did This Little Girl Shave Her Head?

It's not every day that your daughter asks you if they can shave their head. However, that's exactly what happened to one Ohio mom. Paige Lucas-Stannard's little girl asked to shave her head. Her six year old's decision wasn't just a random whim. Instead, the adorable girl had seen her dad shaving his hair and wanted to look just him. So in case you were wondering, this kid is the cutest thing ever.

Hair is quite a sensitive subject for a lot of people. We have entire websites and documentaries dedicated to how to style your hair, articles about if you should cut your long locks, and the merits of going natural. Obviously, Lucas-Stannard had a moment of hesitation when her daughter requested such a drastic change. In a blog about the big shave, the awesome mom wrote, "I probably could have said, "Honey, you are so beautiful,' and manipulate her into not shaving it." However, that's not the course she ultimately decided to take.

Lucas-Stannard explained to her little girl that shaving her head may result in other people not understanding and that she may receive some hate for it. Her daughter certainly wouldn't be the first little girl to receive backlash for shaving her hair, but she wasn't swayed. Instead, she informed her mom, "That's silly; girls can wear their hair any way they want." Needless to say that this brilliant mother daughter pair grabbed the buzzer and shaved the adorable girl's hair, and with or without hair, the littlest Lucas-Stannard is awesome.

Head over to Lucas-Stannard's blog to see the super cool and adorable photos of her daughter!