17 Popsicle Recipes With Alcohol That Will Turn You Into A Boozy "Poptail" Connoisseur

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Nothing hits the spot on a hot summer day like a popsicle. Even ice cream can't hold a candle to how refreshing and delicious a simple ice pop can be when you've been walking around sweating for hours. But there is one thing that can make these treats even better: making popsicles with alcohol! No barbecue is complete without boozy popsicles (this is a fact).

Boozy popsicles, sometimes adorably known as "poptails," will not only cool you down and breathe fresh life into you, they'll also get you drunk. They're so good that you won't even realize they're getting you drunk until you're there, and really, you can't top that. The best thing about these, though, is that making your own popsicles is SO much easier than you would ever think it would be. Buy yourself some ice pop molds, get some paper sticks, and get to work! No summer barbecue will be the same after you start bringing poptails along. Check out these 17 boozy popsicle recipes to get you started.

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