Did Deacon Or Beverly Die On 'Nashville'? The Liver Transplant Left 2 Lives Hanging In The Balance

Deacon Claybourne came into the last half of Season 3 of Nashville a dead man walking, didn’t he? He was diagnosed with liver cancer and did that whole “I’m not gonna tell anyone I’ll be fine on my own” bit until he finally came to his senses and let the cat out of the bag. How are you going to live your life with terminal cancer without telling anybody, Deacon? Anyway, Deacon’s only hope was a liver transplant, which Rayna somehow procured by almost-bribing Deacon’s sister, Beverly to donate a part of her liver to her older brother. How I wish they could have just called Maddie for a piece o’ liver. We wouldn’t have this weird power struggle between Beverly and Rayna if the writers went daughter instead of sister, but I can only deal with the cards I have, and you and I and all Nashville fans are left with Beverly. But maybe not for long, because by the end of the finale, it seemed like either Beverly or Deacon had died.

I seriously didn’t think that Beverly was going to go through with the transplant. I thought she would demand a record deal or maybe even Daphne to take as her new daughter before she would ever help out her brother.

Deacon was a little hesitant to go into surgery, as he was having weird acid flashbacks about the operation, but everything seemed to go well — or did it? At the end of the episode, Dr. Scarlett’s Boyfriend pulled Rayna aside for some “bad news" after we saw someone flatline on the table. But who flatlined?

Well, we don’t know, but I’m super 100 percent super willing to bet that if anyone, it's Beverly who died on the table. Why? Well, she is a mean person, so who wants that around, but it’s really also because of the wealth of guilt problems Deacon could have after he finds out that his sister died giving him a liver. Deaths (especially out-of-the-blue ones) always push a show to its next point. You can’t just have the same people doing all of the same things all of the time. That gets boring.

If Beverly did indeed kick the bucket and wasn't resuscitated, we’re in for a whole lot of moody Deacon next season. Bring it on.

Images: Mark Levine/ABC; Giphy