Miley's Latest Look? Topless Butterfly!

Miley Cyrus doesn't shock me anymore, really. I pretty much count on and depend on her to be outrageous and to do things that turn the heads of others, especially with her clothing choices. Miley Cyrus dressed as a topless butterfly at the Adult Swim upfronts after party in NYC, smoking a blunt, performing songs, and further cementing her role as the wild child of pop music and of fashion.

I am less interested in her oft-documented green habit and her new track, but still totally curious and confused about her outfit. She was wearing nipple pasties, which is nothing new for her, paired with high-waisted and glittery tights and over-the-elbow lilac gloves.

She was proudly showing off her sideboob tattoos and she wasn't shy about going commando, according to Variety.

To those that don't follow Miss Miley and her antics, any of those elements are crazy on their own. They may seem even more shocking when combined.

But me? I am not shocked anymore. Ever since the singer chopped off her locks in 2012, it's as though cutting her hair freed her spirit. It was like her strands weighed down her spontaneous, "do whatever I want" side.

But you know what? There's nothing accidental about Miley Cyrus or this outfit.

Her fashion envelope-pushing is totally calculated and that's why I am not surprised by this look. She plans to shock and she succeeds; there is nothing about her outfit that feels thrown together effortlessly and executed flawlessly, which is the case with someone like Rihanna.

With Miley, it's as though she carefully selects the individual items in an outfit like building blocks of shock.

In my eyes, that's a fashion rebel and a style renegade, even if it doesn't leave much to chance.

So, about this butterfly ensemble... She's like a delightfully demented Tinkerbell with those butterfly wings, right? This is her candy-coated, spacey, acid-trip Tinkerbell. And for some reason it works, probably because all of the elements are equally out there.

And let's remember one critical thing. It is a stage costume, so it has the performance art vibe, too.

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While I prefer when Miley is high fashion with her edgy and risqué outfits, like the strappy, bondage gear-inspired outfit above, when she gets cray cray and spreads her (butterfly) wings, I am always intrigued and a little terrified, but in a good way.

Images: Miley Cyrus/Instagram (1); Getty (1)