Colorblind Dad Sees His Kids In Color For The First Time With The Help Of Glasses, And Everyone Cried For The Rest Of Eternity — VIDEO

Remember how destroyed Dorothy's brain got when she stepped out from her black-and-white world out to the intensely vivid, colorful landscape of Oz? Oh gosh, and Emerald City, especially. Of course, that was all make believe, but the concept remains remarkable: Seeing no color your whole life, then suddenly, it surrounds you. A real-life transition to Oz just happened to a colorblind dad seeing his kids in color for the first time.

The young family stood outside on a winter day as their dad opened an elaborate package, despite his four children writhing on top of him and leaping everywhere. A pair of revolutionary sunglasses sat quietly awaiting discovery deep in the Russian nesting doll-style box system. (Seriously, who was in charge of packing this in such a theatric way? It's dramatic, so I get it, but still...excessive.) After a few jokey attempts to place the new shades on his children, the dad slips them on to his own face and his immediate reaction is downright touching. His gaze fixes on his son, then turns about to really drink in the world of color that's always surrounded him. "Look at your kids' eyes," the camera person (presumably his partner) says. "They're so pretty."

At this point he is weeping. Although I, of course, am not. (I'm lying here. I'm definitely crying.) The special glasses the dad dons aim to correct color blindness. They're called EnChroma and pretty frankly, they seem like a freaking miracle product.

I mean, I know when I put on glasses for the first time around age 11 and saw individual leaves on trees, that changed my world forever. Before that, everything and everyone had been in soft focus but it was all I knew. I cannot imagine the revolutionary experience of color for the first time. Here's some other first-ever color experiences sure to melt your heart:

This little boy

"Everything looks how they're supposed to!" this little boy exclaims. Man, what a gift to give your child. He's vibing hard on it, for sure. "The world looks even more beautiful!"

This dude named Dustin

"Oh my god!" he yells. "Holy crap!" Seriously. And now for my favorite:

This emotional rollercoaster

The quiet tear streaming is gut-TING. So incredible.

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