Guy Pays For Fast Food With Weed Instead Of Money, But Slow Your LOL, Guys, Because This Actually Sucks — VIDEO

I don't even know where to start with how very infuriating this video is. Some genius decided to roll up in his car to a takeout window and seemingly pay for his fast food with weed instead of money. After the employees accept, he then proceeds to take a toke himself, while behind the wheel. First, I'm pretty zero tolerance on driving while under the influence. Pot smokers like to tell you they're "more careful" while high, and it's "not the same" as being drunk, but I'm not buying it. DON'T get behind the wheel of a vehicle when you're inebriated by ANYTHING. It might not matter what happens to you, but it's not up to you to decide whether or not everyone else on the road's life is imperiled by your irresponsibility. In a comment on the video, the guy said he "drove about ten feet into a parking spot" after lighting up, but the precedent is set. Meanwhile, how long did he wait to sober up before he drove again? NOT OKAY DUDE.

My second HUGE problem with the video is the employees. Their faces are in full view, un-blurred. I can't imagine any employer would be thrilled about their staff giving away free food for hits of weed, and that's not even a weed issue, it's a professionalism issue. Again, the poster of the video claims, "The employees asked us to wait one week to release the video so we waited a month!" But now that this video is going viral, it's unlikely these employees will keep their jobs for much longer. THE INTERNET NEVER FORGETS.

The least problem I have with this video is smoking weed. Which people can do as they please, just so long as they're responsible about it (i.e., not putting other people's lives in danger by driving while high, or making other people lose their jobs because of it). Watch this giant jerk below:

Meanwhile, probably the only time it's advisable to smoke weed at work is if you're Miley:

Or Snoop:

Because it's pretty hard to disguise:

Meanwhile, there are much more relaxing scenarios in which to get stoned than at work:

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