Is Zendaya Dating Anyone? She Has A Very Tight Connection With Another Disney Star

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of months, you know that Zendaya Coleman is basically winning at teenage life right now. She has the career of a lifetime, on point fashion sense, and wisdom far beyond her years. So some people might be wondering if Zendaya has a special guy in her life, too! As it turns out, Zendaya is not dating anyone right now, at least not officially. However, there is a special guy friend in her life that she has constantly been rumored to be involved with — and it's a fellow Disney star!

Zendaya and Trevor Jackson have been rumored to be dating ever since the two were spotted having dinner together back in spring 2013. It is worth mentioning that for that particular dinner, the two reportedly both brought their parents along, so it is not as though it was a one-on-one outing. In fall 2014, the buds directly addressed the rumors. “There’s going to be those,” Zendaya told HipHollywood. “But he’s my best friend in the whole world. I love him to death. I’m always going to be there. I’m always to be the homie. I’m always going to be there supporting him. That’s all it is.” Jackson agreed, and said, “We be laughing every time we hear it. I can understand why people think that because we are really close. But, no she’s just my friend.”

A few months later, that's still the official story. However, the two friends may have dropped a few hints that things could change down the line.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For instance, later that fall, Zendaya retweeted a fan's message that she and Jackson were the "best looking couple" at a party the two attended together, which of course did nothing to cool down the rumors about them being more than friends.

Jackson added further fuel to the fire when he admitted to J-14 in January of this year that he was not sure what could happen down the line in the future. "We're just so focused on everything going on, that wouldn't even be possible right now. But you never know. If it happens, it happens," he told the tween magazine.

Then in February, the actress stole Jackson's hat as her accessory of choice for an Instagram selfie. Sure, she used the friendly hashtags #bouttostealhiswholeswag, and #thatswhatfriendsarefor, and most hilariously, #sharingiscaring. But hey, if you're close enough to someone that you feel comfortable rocking their (stylish) headgear, taking a friendship to the next level is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. Stay tuned to see if more develops down the line!

Image: Getty Images