T. Swift Adds ANOTHER Star To "Bad Blood"

by Jaclyn Anglis

Another day, another celebrity added to Taylor Swift's upcoming music video. As the singer revealed via social media, Taylor Swift's video for "Bad Blood" will now include Ellen Pompeo. Since unpacking Swift's relationships to her "Bad Blood" co-stars is a good distraction from the anticipation of waiting for the video to drop on May 17, some fans might be wondering if Swift and Pompeo are friends in real life. As it turns out, most of the two stars' interactions have been through social media, rather than in person. But even though it's online, they have a pretty fantastic connection — a fantastic feline connection to be precise.

You might know that one of Taylor Swift's cats, Meredith Grey, is named after Ellen Pompeo's character on Grey's Anatomy. But did you know that the two stars have shared some hilarious anecdotes online about the mischievous cat? Ever since Swift revealed that Pompeo's character was her cat's namesake back in 2011, the actress has been more than happy to chime in about the Meredith Grey The Cat. After browsing through Meredith Grey cat pictures on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Pompeo quipped, "I should send her into work for me tomorrow and take the day off!"

Ever since the Ellen appearance, the funny banter between the two stars over the cat has continued on Instagram and Twitter. Swift had a pretty memorable fangirl moment after Pompeo and Mariska Hargitay took a photo together back in February of this year. After all, Hargitay plays SVU's Olivia Benson, the detective character after which Swift's other cat is named. Understandably, Swift did not hold back her excitement on her Twitter page.

And who can forget when Meredith scratched Swift's leg back in March of this year and the singer posted evidence of her cat cut to Instagram, joking that her cat now owed her "14 million dollars?" Well, Pompeo made a hilarious comment in response to Meredith's misstep on Swift's page. She said,

@TaylorSwift this is awkward because my namesake did this but as your doctor, please keep that scratch clean! Yours truly the real Dr. Grey.

It remains to be seen how Pompeo will fit into Swift's upcoming music video, what with all the other stars that have been included so far. Could the cats also be making an appearance in the video as a fun homage? But what we do know is that Pompeo will be portraying the character "Luna" in the music video. And as always, Swift is happy to introduce her fans to the latest addition. It should be exciting to see the connection in real life for the first time! Let's just hope no claws are drawn.