15 Books With Cliffhanger Endings That Will Leave You Fuming, Bewildered, And Dying For More

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There are few feelings that punch you in the gut as hard as turning the final page of an engrossing book, only to find that it ends on a cliffhanger. We're used to seeing these suspenseful endings on TV shows, and even on unnecessarily stretched out film trilogies, but at the end of a 600-page book it seems particularly cruel. It’s the kind of thing that will have you recklessly spending money downloading the next title in the series, or trekking to the bookstore in the middle of the night. If the next book hasn’t come out yet, you’ll probably be writing to the publisher to hurry things along. If it’s a standalone book, you’re going round to the author’s house to shout at her for ruining your life. (Just me? Whatever.) These 15 books end on cliffhangers so infuriating that you’ll be throwing them across the room... just to pick them up again to scour the last page for clues.

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