Are Taylor Swift & Serayah McNeill From 'Empire' Friends? The "Bad Blood" Co-Stars Have Hung Out Before — PHOTOS

Taylor Swift continues to grow her girl gang while the rest of us struggle to make new friends post-grad. The 25-year-old megastar has been teasing her upcoming "Bad Blood" music video constantly on social media, and it's going to be a literal who's who of Hollywood, guest-starring everybody from Lena Dunham (not surprising) to Kendrick Lamar (really, OK?) in Sin City-fashion. Serayah McNeill from Empire was also announced to be playing a character called "Dilemma," so does this mean Taylor Swift and Serayah McNeill are friends in real life, too?

Both women are music mavens, one on top of the world and one up-and-coming, so it makes sense why Tay would cast McNeill in "Bad Blood" along with Dunham, Lamar, Jessica Alba, Ellen Pompeo (interesting...), Zendaya, and Ellie Goulding, to name just a few. McNeill plays Tiana on Empire, Fox's smash hit about the R&B recording industry. I, for one, would love to see T. Swift on an episode with Lucious Lyon, but right now I'll just have to settle for the "Bad Blood" video.

It looks like Swift and McNeill have been hanging in real life, too, along with Swift's crazy, dreamy, impossible gaggle of girls. Back in April, Swift got a bunch of her gal pals together just to kick it (how do all these incredibly busy women have so much time to chill? Career Goals). Along with Swift and McNeill, Haim, Lorde, Halston Sage, and Ellie Goulding all looked beautiful and fresh, hanging out with a tandem bicycle, and using the opportunity to take some stunning "we didn't even pose for this" posed photos.

Real love for real! McNeill also posted a photo from the glamorous and somehow flawless girls' day, captioning it "woes," which I appreciate because I definitely love Drake, too. But I digress. This get together happened at the end of April, and neither Swift or McNeill have posted any photos of themselves hanging out since. But that's probably because they've both been so caught up being badass women and filming the "Bad Blood" music video. Both their Instagram feeds are full of shots of themselves and their famous friends, so hopefully when the "Bad Blood" video drops on Sunday we'll get a lot more behind-the-scenes selfies.

A toast to Serayah McNeill on her rise to the top, and a toast to Taylor Swift for having the most powerful group of girlfriends ever.

Images: Taylor Swift/Instagram