Liya Kebede Channels A Muppet In Proenza

by Emily Kirkpatrick

My absolute favorite thing about models being cast in all these new movies is getting to see some of my favorite ladies from the runway strut their stuff on the red carpet, taking fashion risks the rest of us mere mortals could never even dream of pulling off. Today's premiere at Cannes was the ultimate proof of my point, where Ethiopian supermodel Liya Kebede wore a dress from Proenza Schouler to promote her new film Mad Max: Fury Road. The film is sure to get a ton of press just based off the drop-dead gorgeous cast alone, chock full of the creme of the modeling crop.

Kebede, however, managed to outshine even her A-list co-stars in this straight off the runway Proenza number from the brand's Fall 2015 collection. The look is part Muppet, part shag rug, and 100 percent avant garde chic. It's as though Fozzie Bear got a 21st century update courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld and a bucket full of sequins. The overall effect is super edgy and would be a difficult to rock aesthetic for most, but as I said, models are not like most.

The dress features cutouts at the shoulders and waist, with a wrap-effect, fringed, red-brown sequin bust. There's a peekaboo mesh accent at the waist, implying some scandalous intimates beneath, before the frayed sequined hem devolves into full mesh accented by a pattern of oversized white grommets. Sounds confusing, but the final look is surprisingly and delightfully flawless.

Kebede makes this crazy high style look seem easy to pull off. Personally, I have a feeling if I ever tried to wear this dress it would tragically look a lot more like this:

Images: liyakebede/Instagram; mffashion_com/Instagram; Giphy