Giant Shoe Boxes Are The New Way To Store Shoes

So how many of you out there store your shoes in the boxes they came in? Well, if you do, picture this: giant wooden shoe boxes you can store all your footwear in without cluttering up the bottom of your closet. Pretty genius if you really think about it. And thanks to The Wood Sheikh’s Instagram account, we now know that this amazing creation exists.

Not only does this very talented wood worker create these huge boxes with sliding storage drawers, he also paints them to look like designer shoe boxes from the likes of Louboutin and Giuseppe Zannoti, for example. They're also velvet lined and would be perfect for storing all of my shoes. I want one (or ten), like, yesterday. Unfortunately, though, there’s no information about where these amazing shoe storing creations can be purchased. There is some contact information on The Wood Sheikh’s social media accounts, though, so perhaps he only does custom orders? Either way, he should totally go mass market with these things!

Check out these videos that demonstrate how the shoe boxes work. Spoiler alert: they fit A TON of shoes.

When style meets function, I’m totally obsessed, and that’s exactly what these shoe boxes have done — combined fashion with great practicality. I think everyone can appreciate that.