7 Feelings You Have When Your Best Friend Gets Married, And Yes, "Broke" Is One Of Them

Someone once told me that when a friend has good news, you're happy for them for about one second and then you start to think about your own life. And by "someone," I obviously mean an episode of How I Met Your Mother because that's where all my mediocre life advice comes from. Anyway, this happens a lot when wedding announcements, bachelorette party photos, and pregnancy announcements start infiltrating your news feed. Obviously, this is a pretty widespread phenomenon loathed by most people in their 20s and 30s. It's not that we aren't thrilled for people who are reaching cool milestones in their lives, it's just... is it necessary to post 1,000 things about it? I think we can all agree on one thing: People need to chill.

But then someone you love gets married, or pregnant, or engaged, or decides to register at Manolo Blahnik for one pair of heels, and things change. Instead of hating on love, and the universe, and wondering why you still can't commit to a signature shade of lipstick, let alone a human person, you're like, I BELIEVE IN LOVE. And in your head, you're stretching out the word "believe" the way Cher does. And you don't care how sappy you sound. Because birds are singing, wedding bells are ringing, or however that expression's supposed to go. Even if you're skeptical about weddings, marriage, or children, it's hard not to feel pure, unadulterated happiness (for at least a split second) when your best friend gets married.

That happiness, however, is not the only thing you will feel. Here are the 7 feels you feel when your best friend gets married:

1. The giddiest kind of glee

SOMEONE YOU KNOW IS GETTING MARRIED! And it's not a cousin! And it's not some random girl you only vaguely met once after your brother's soccer game 7 years ago. It's someone you actually care about and love and you can't wait to be part of their special day and OH MY GOD you need to breathe or use a comma sometime soon YAY LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL.

2. Concern about your own life

Guys, HIMYM was right: After you show how happy you are for your friend, your mind skips straight to questions that concern yourself. Are you going to be a bridesmaid? Will you get a plus one? Do you have someone to invite as your plus one? If you do, is it serious enough to ask them to a wedding 8 months down the road? Are you guys ever going to get that serious? And on and on and on. FACT: Friends' weddings are an over-thinkers worst nightmare.

3. Broke

It's a very real emotional state, that typically comes directly after signing your entire paycheck over to your landlord. When your best friend is getting married, you want to say yes to absolutely everything. You don't want to hesitate for even a second to check your latest bank statement. But at the end of it all, you've said "yes" to a round-trip ticket for the wedding, the bachelorette party, and possibly a bridal shower. And then you also need to buy a gift and reckon with additional bridesmaids costs if you're actually in the wedding. It can all add up really fast.

4.Concern that your friend will never have sex with anyone else

Look, clearly they're cool with locking things down with each other, but does this mean the #realtalk is going to get stale between you? Going from hearing everything about someone's sex life for so many years of friendship to realizing they're only going to have sex with one person for the rest of their life is challenging. You're just going to hear about them sleeping with one person forever? Or maybe you're going to stop hearing their sex stories at all? What kind of twisted world is this turning into?

5. The need to be the most accommodating person in the world

If it's your best friend's day, you will do whatever it takes to make sure she's doing as little as possible. But that somehow translates to you signing up for every task ever, and somewhere between curling ribbon for bachelorette gifts and revising a guest list, you'll wonder what the hell is going on with your life.

6. Drunk

At the wedding, you'll consider staying sober to help out if anything goes wrong. For about a minute. And then you'll decide against it, because in order to truly celebrate, you're going to need some champagne.

7. Like the girl at the end of Flashdance

Once you're drunk on the best friend's ~special day~ all you can think is what a feeling this whole thing is. And it's beautiful. Whether the wedding is smooth sailing, or everything goes wrong, you'll feel overwhelmed with all of the emotions when you see your best friend look the happiest you've ever seen them.

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