Malala Yousafzai's #Strengthie Turns The Selfie Phenomenon Into A Powerful Global Campaign For Strong Girls

What do you call a selfie that also helps empower women and fight poverty? A #strengthie. The advocacy group ONE's #PovertyIsSexist social media campaign aims to end extreme poverty across the world, and particularly in Africa, by showing girls' strength and getting the world to stand with strong girls. The Malala Fund tweeted a strengthie of Malala Yousafzai and said: "Malala is standing #withstronggirls & @ONEcampaign by posting her #strengthie for girls' education. Will you join us?"

ONE's website says, "No matter how you cut it — socially, economically, legally — girls and women in the poorest countries get a raw deal." A 2012 World Bank report on gender equality states that 31 million girls worldwide aren't in school, 4 million women go "missing" each year, and there's an average wage gap of 20 percent between men and women (along with gaps in work opportunities). Strengthies are a part of ONE's petition for world leaders to commit to ending extreme poverty by empowering girls. Along with the signed petition, the organization plans to show strengthies from across the globe to politicians and leaders making crucial decisions about women in the world's poorest countries.

The campaign's song, "Strong Girl," embodies ONE's mission. Performed by nine female musicians from seven African countries, the song's mantra is "Be strong, girl," singing, "The time has come to take our place as strong ladies." While other anti-poverty campaigns have tried to represent Africa from afar, this one is utilizing well-known and talented women from the all over the continent to speak for their home countries and empower girls who idolize them.

Along with Malala's, here's a roundup of #strengthies that stand #withstronggirls from across the globe.