Gaga To Be The First Monster in Space

Listen up, Monsters! Lady Gaga will be the first singer to perform in space. Yes, you read that correctly. The "Bad Romance" singer will blast off in a Virgin Galactic ship and croon a single track during the Zero G Colony tech festival in New Mexico. Gaga's history-making performance is set to take place on the festival's third day at dawn, approximately six months after the first Virgin Galactic commercial flight take off.

But as you might imagine, singing in space requires a different set of vocal skills, and Gaga will train for a month prior to her gravity-defying debut to make sure the force is with her (and that "Applause"-inducing voice). Accompanying the singer on the shuttle will be (obvi) her glam squad, equipped to adorn the iconic dresser in a bedazzled space suit and oxygen tank. Just kidding...we think.

Clearly a risky maneuver for any living person, pop superstar or not, Gaga has taken out a "ridiculous" life insurance policy on the off chance the moons don't align in her favor.

A source who spoke to US Weekly said the event will be "like nothing the world has seen before." Duh.