Makeup Artists Are Fueding Over Contouring

There's a big makeup artist war going on as we speak, with some super talented cosmetic masters welding harsh words. So, what exactly is this bronzer battle over? Contouring. We're in the midst of The Great Contouring Debate at the moment, according to People StyleWatch. Two makeup artists are feuding over contouring, and things are getting heated.

It all started when some celeb makeup artists began taking public stances on social media against the now-infamous contouring technique that took the world by storm ever since Kim K and the rest of her clan revealed their ultra chiseled cheekbones. Lately, we've seen countless how-to Youtube videos, contouring palettes, and geometric, mathematical charts on what exactly to highlight and shadow (OK so maybe not that part) geared toward helping us master the makeup trend, and yet, I still have no idea what I'm doing.

Hell, even Sephora dubbed 2015 The Year of the Contour. Pati Dubroff, who has worked on stars like Charlize Theron and Mindy Kaling for her InStyle cover, took to her Instagram to speak out against the act of contouring. "I would NEVER SUFFOCATE THE SKIN or create a MASK LIKE CREATURE like this," Dubroff wrote.

Shots Fired. Mario Dedivanovic, a Kardashian-tested and approved makeup artist, took to his own personal Instagram in retaliation to all those contouring haters and their guerrilla warfare. Stealing a line from the always-quotable Nene Leakes, Mario says, "'Why be so nasty and so rude when you can be fierce and successful?' Stop being a bully."

Forget everything else going on in the world right now, I propose that full news coverage be devoted to the Great Contouring Debate (#sarcasm).

The root of the problem is this: makeup artists just can't decide if the purpose of makeup is to enhance one's natural beauty or to completely change it. But at the end of the day, the true purpose of makeup is to make the wearer feel more beautiful. And whether that means a face full of the stuff, contoured perfection, or just a swipe of lippy is entirely their prerogative.

Images: Getty Images, patidubroff/Instagram, makeupbymario/Instagram