Karen Walker's Got Three New Perfumes

We live in a society chock-full of commitment-phobes. They're practically everywhere, whether it's Big taking six effing seasons of Sex and the City to say, "Carrie, you're the one," or it's me not being able to commit to just one outfit a day. Luckily for us, Karen Walker released three new perfumes, A, B, and C, for our fickle personalities.

Walker told WWD, “One didn’t really seem like enough.” She gets our sentiment. “I felt like I needed to tell a story and three is the magic number — three felt just right." A, B, and C, all channel a different disposition—A, a "sparkly green" feeling with mint, green tea, and ylang ylang. B, a floral scent, contains bergamot, iris, peach, and vanilla, and C, an "opulent" scent, is floral, with magnolia and cashmere wood, among other things, according to WWD.

Walker told WWD that while they all have a similar makeup and "shared personality," they each hit varying parts of your day. And I totally agree with that, since I've got two daytime perfumes, an evening perfume for nights out, and an everyday perfume that I spritz on before I leave for work (because I would never spritz the deep, dark scents I use for a night out at 9am while I'm talking to my boss).

The playful perfumes have equally whimsical packaging—the bottles come in a square shape, similar to that of a building block. And, during her release of the perfumes this week, she had a "pop shop" in Harvey Nichols in London. This line of perfume is all about the quirks, taking a different approach than the usual perfume campaigns we see today. "A lot of fragrances out there have a sexy girl, or a celebrity, and we’re neither," she told WWD.

You can shop Karen Walker's A, B, and C perfumes online, at

Images: Karen Walker