The Billboards Made Ludacris & Chrissy Teigen BFFs

by Lindsey Kupfer

Move over Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, there’s a new hosting duo and they're on their way to taking over as go-to emcees. Chrissy Teigen and Ludacris are co-hosting the Billboard Music Awards this year and although they didn’t really know each other before now, it seems that they have become quite close in the short amount of time they spent together while preparing for their big night on stage. According to Billboard.com, Teigen and Ludacris only met a few times before they shot their Billboard magazine cover shoot together.

So where did the pair first meet? At Barney’s department store, of course! “We met randomly because, of course she was with her husband [John Legend] and I was with my now wife and both the guys were buying stuff for their women," Ludacris recalled in the cover shoot video. "That’s how we do. We don’t buy anything for ourselves. So that’s literally the first time we met.” Besides their quick interaction at the pricey department store, Teigen and Ludacris didn't have much time to get to know each other before spending a night on stage trying to nail some jokes in their hosting gig, but according to the pair, that will not be a problem because the Billboard Awards prep has turned them into best friends. Watch them talk about it in the video below.

Ludacris insists that Teigen is already his “new best friend,” and that the the pair are “finishing each others sentences.” That’s not too hard to believe, since everyone loves Teigen, and I haven’t even met her, but I have a strong feeling that we could be best friends.

Teigen is trying to convince Ludacris to appear on her new show, Lip Sync Battle, too. When she mentioned the show to him in another Billboard video he quickly responded that “rappers don’t lip sync,” but she's still trying to get him into the idea. I have a feeling that Teigen is not one to give up on something, so maybe we will be seeing a lip syncing Luda sometime soon.

So will this friendship continue beyond the Billboard Awards? I'm hoping that Sunday's show is just the beginning of a long, epic, very public friendship, because these two have all the makings of a platonic power couple.

Image: Heidi Gutman/Bob D’Amico/ABC