How To Include Your Pet In Your Wedding

Your wedding day is a big deal, and you will undoubtedly cherish the memories from that day for the rest of your life. That's why it's not so crazy to want to find ways to include your pet in your wedding, because after all, it's important to include everyone you love. Sure, your dog or cat might not totally comprehend the significance of a wedding, but any moment spent with you is a moment they'll enjoy. And you'll take comfort in knowing that every creature you love (even the four-legged and furry ones) will get to witness you pledging your life and love to another person.

It doesn't take much, and probably won't cost you anything extra to incorporate them into your wedding. If they're well-behaved and generally calm, even better. Whether it be in the photos, in the ceremony, in the decor, or in the vows, giving them a special role is a choice that you will never regret. You will always love your pet. And long after they're gone, you'll have the memories and the photographs to cherish the time they were with you at your happiest and your most vulnerable. Plus, their presence just made the entire event that much more special. There are tons of simple ways to include your pets into your wedding day, and here they are.

1. Make them part of the save the dates

Include them in the photos holding a sign with the date. Or just have them with you in the photo you choose to use. It's a fantastic way to solidify that your family is officially going to become one on the date you provide. Also, it's insanely cute.

2. Show them off in your wedding photos

You'll be taking posed, professional photos with every member of your family who's in attendance, so why not have the pets in one or two of them?

3. Bring them with you down the aisle

If your pet is small and/or easy to carry, why not carry them instead of a bouquet? Or you could have them on a leash, and they can lead the way to your beloved.

4. Give them an important role in the ceremony

Whether it be ring bearer, flower dog, or just sitting with a sign telling guests to "pick a seat, not a side," it'll mean a lot to you to give them a job, and it'll be a lot of fun for them to be included.

5. Throw dressy wedding attire on them

If there's any day to put an outfit on your furry friend, this is the one. It could be as simple as a flower or a bow-tie on their collar, or as far as a tux or gown.

6. Make sure to serve them a fancy wedding meal

I realize this is your day, but don't your pets deserve a treat after their hard work? Make a pet-friendly plate for them to enjoy while you and your new spouse are shoving cake into each other's faces.

7. Have a customized cake topper made with your pets included

A subtle, yet adorable way to demonstrate that you're becoming an official family, right atop your coveted cake.

8. Add them into your vows

Brides and grooms who already have children often do this to show their guests and each other how devoted they are to their new family as a unit. They present vows with their children's names, or even say the vows to the kids themselves. So instead of kids, use your pets in there instead.

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