What's Your Favorite Position?

by Rachel Krantz

It's hard to choose just one, of course, but most of us have a favorite sex position nonetheless. Whether it's the position most likely to give you an orgasm or simply your favorite way to be held in the throws of intimate lust, we all have our reasons for preferring one pose over another. But are there any clear trends?

According to a Women's Health survey of over 800 men, for guys, doggystyle comes in first place, followed by cowgirl/girl on top, then missionary. And while it seems like surveys of just women are annoyingly hard to come by, according to an Adam and Eve survey of both genders, missionary is the winner, followed by doggy style with 23 percent vote, cowgirl (22 percent), 69 (7 percent), spooning (6 percent), reverse cowgirl (4 percent), and "other" (3 percent).

In pursuit of some answers (and some very awkward rejections) I went out into the streets of New York City to ask students on the Fashion Institute of Technology and NYU campuses to draw me their favorite sex positions. While the results were varied, there did seem to be one clear winner: doggystyle. As for missionary? Apparently, it's much too vanilla for these New Yorkers.

Cailyn, 20


Anna- Maria, 22

Erica, 18

Davian, 18

Anonymous Awesome Guy

Marissa, 20

Jackie, 19

Jessy, 21

Pam, 18

Charlotte, 19

Leah, 19

Ryan, 21

Nick, 19

Fabian, 23


Mehmet, 29

Adrienne, 26

Nanciee, 24

Kalene, 21

Images: Bustle/Rachel Krantz