Geri's Wedding Was A Far Cry From Ginger Spice

Listen. I am painfully aware that it is no longer the '90s and that everyone, unfortunately, has to grow up sometime. But, in becoming an adult, does one always have to be come super mellow? Does anyone keep their youthful, rambunctious spark? You see, my source of concern over this issue comes from the fact that Geri Halliwell got married on Friday in a beautiful, quaint ceremony. I know, not too much seems wrong with that, except for one very important thing. Halliwell's wedding was sweet and understated and so NOT what Ginger Spice was about at all.

Ginger Spice was flamboyant and showy and in your face and loud and her clothes and hair mimicked her larger than life personality. Let's be real, here. Ginger put the "spice" in Spice Girls. And so, seeing all of the lovely, typical wedding shots of her big day, makes me yearn for her younger, scrappier self. Which, I suppose is my problem and totally not hers, because she looks happy and everyone at the wedding looked happy. It's just that... I wish she would have spiced it up, even if it was just a little bit.

So, because of my one grievance over Halliwell's nuptials, here are all the ways I think her wedding could have been just a tad bit spicier... or, spice girl-ier.

Less Formal Wear

Long gowns are beautiful and everything, but the Spice Girls were practically the inventors of the body con dress. And they looked damn good in them, too.

More Red

In the theme, the clothes, the cars, the flowers... anything! Halliwell is the color red personified. Where is her representation?!

More Flare

OK, so I suppose a wedding isn't the most apropos place to kick ass. But would it have killed someone to have at least done a few high kicks in platform heels?

A Cooler Ride

The Mirror reported that the singer arrived in a Rolls Royce. Those are cool, sure, but what about a bridge hopping, decked out, Union Jack tour bus instead?

More Platform Boots

They totally go with wedding and bridesmaids dresses!

More Spice Girls!

The Mirror also stated that Halliwell only had one of her gal pals there in the flesh, Emma Bunton aka Baby Spice, though the others were vocal and supportive on social media.

But, again, this is her day, and however she wanted it to go was the way it should have gone. Maybe she's saving all that unused spice for the honeymoon.

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