The 18 Best TV/Movie Reunions of 2013

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When the people of the future look back at this generation, it'll be easy to sum it up in one word: nostalgia. Whether it's the fashion — crop tops, leggings, and baggy sweaters — the celebrities — Melissa Joan Hart, Robert Downey Jr., Betty White — or the TV shows — Mad Men, the Americans, The Goldbergs, all set in older times — this decade has spent a substantial amount of time revisiting the past and reveling in the idea of nostalgia.

And that's not even mentioning the reunions. Over the past few years, but without a doubt most prominently in 2013, seemingly every beloved but long-gone TV show, movie, and band has seen its cast or members reunited, thrilling fans and nostalgia-loving people across the country. Whether it was the Full House cast coming together to celebrate Uncle Jesse's birthday, The West Wing ensemble reuniting hilariously on Twitter, or the Backstreet Boys going on tour after a years-long hiatus, this past year was all about looking back. Out of all the amazing reunions that occurred this year, here are Bustle's picks for the 18 best reunions of 2013 — and believe us, there were plenty for us to choose from.

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