The Benefit Brow Genie App Grants Your Wish For Perfect Brows Instantly

It's definitely been the Year of the Eyebrow. Ever since Peaches Monroe declared hers to be "on fleek" via Vine, the world has been scrambling, plucking, and filling in, in hopes of inspiring brow envy from her arch-less rivals. Now, thanks to Benefit Cosmetics, everyone can be the proud owner of some seriously on fleek eyebrow beauties. Benefit's Brow Genie mobile tool is here and is about to grant you one wish: The perfect brows you've always dreamed of.

It's no surprise that the folks over at Benefit are dedicated to taking the over-tweezed and untamed brows of the world and transforming them into arched perfection, with their slew of cult-favorite brow products, from the Brow Zings brow shaping kit, to the Gimme Brow volumizing gel. But this a total first. The Benefit Brow Genie tool allows you to upload a selfie to see how you can achieve the perfect brow for your individual face. The website's facial mapping technology outline the right brow shape for your face in four steps and provides you with a virtual aesthetician to show you products and suggestions to get you those beautiful brows from the screen to your face.

To try out Benefit Brow Genie, I uploaded a selfie of my own. Let's see if my brows are truly on fleek, shall we?

1. Upload a Photo

I tried one of me and my dog at first but the Brow Genie got confused, so I wisely choose a bright, forward-looking, portrait selfie instead. Benefit's Brow Genie lets you upload both an existing pic from your photo library or take a new one on the fly.

2. Find Your Inner Edge

After I uploaded my selfie, Brow Genie showed me where my ideal brow would begin. According to the app, I would want my brow to ideally begin straight above the "dimple" of my nose. Not sure I'm in love with Benefit assuming I want to slim my nose...

3. Get Your Arch

Next, Brow Genie showed me where my arch should be: at an angle from the outside of my nose, through the center of my eye. Apparently, mine are a little off.

4. Find The End

The final step showed me where my eyebrows should end, ideally towards the outer corner of my eye. Unfortunately, looks like the tail end of the brows could use a dose of length.

5. See Your Shape

Abracada-Brow! Brow Genie ends by shows you your ideal brows in all their gorgeous glory. And then finally...

6. Learn How to Get 'Em

Brow Genie offers you personal recommendations on how to get those bangin' brows it just teased you with, so you can get 'em IRL. It even pinpoints the Benefit BrowBars near the user so they could get their brow perfection ASAP.

Now, excuse me while I head over the BrowBar nearest me. I've got some fleeking to do...

Images: Brow Genie