Artist Rafael Mantesso Gets Jimmy Choo Gig After His Bull Terrier Illustrations Remain The Cutest Thing On Instagram

Jimmy Choo the shoemaker and Jimmy Choo the dog are together at last. Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks Jimmy Choo, a Brazilian bull terrier, should be making serious cash: Rafael Mantesso and Jimmy Choo have joined forces with fashion designers at Jimmy Choo to launch a capsule collection of dog accessories for canines AND humans. Instagram has many superstars, but there is one superstar that has provided me with endless entertainment, giggles, and just overall swooning for years. The illustrations are seriously a stroke of genius and now, instead of staring dreamily at Mantesso's Instagram feed at your favorite works, you can actually wear them around, experiencing the adorableness of a bull terrier all day long.

What sets Jimmy apart from the other dog accounts is that his owner's illustrations that allows Jimmy to go above and beyond typical dog antics. Basically, Rafael Mantesso answers the question "What if my dog could stand up and take a shower?" or "How cute would it be if my dog were spinning turn tables right now?" with his awesome line drawings. The collaboration between Rafael Mantesso and Jimmy Choo takes the Brazilian artist's quirky illustrations off your Instagram feed and puts them on Italian white leather for the luxury brand's pre-fall 2015 collection.

According to The New York Post (and Mantesso's Instagram account), a divorce left the artist without furniture leaving him to use his illustrations to fill the void of plush couches and decorative fixtures. The drawings were heavily motivated by his new love, his bull terrier named Jimmy Choo. The dog and owner relationship is almost as adorable as the pup itself; when Jimmy injured his ear several months ago, Mantesso posted a picture of him and pup donning matching dog cone collars. It melted approximately 28,700 hearts around the world.

With an adorable dog and his witty creations getting over 20,000 likes, it was only a matter of time before the real Jimmy Choo took notice. Wallets and tote bags are currently available for a limited time on Jimmy Choo's website and yes, you'll still be paying the real Jimmy Choo prices. Dog collars, inspired by the brilliant bull-terrier, are currently available for pre-order, so if you want to give your dog a stroke of genius, now is the time to inspire and spoil at the same time.

Jimmy Choo on YouTube

Image: Jimmy Choo/YouTube