This Baby's Feelings About Avocados Are Basically The Same As Our Feelings About Paying Extra For Guacamole — VIDEO

Being healthy is the worst. In theory, we all like clear skin, and that fresh invigorated feeling after lunch that only happens when you decide against the cheeseburger. But sometimes you just want to lean in to a particularly awful day and say an enthusiastic "YES" to anything with heavy cream. And you deserve it. You deserve to say no to kale, sweet potatoes, avocado and green juice. And so does this baby who tried her first avocado and hated it. Whatever degree of "can't even" you hit with green juice, this kid's got you beat by a long shot. She looks like she just saw an 8-foot spider crawl out of the Forbidden Forest. (She's the baby version of Ron Weasley.)

I understand that those of you have a strong affinity for these blessed fruits might be a little offended. I feel you—I've legitimately written articles on how much I like avocados. But it's hard to be offended by a child who's less than a year old. Her bib is lined with pink and polka dots, guys. Come on. Just let her be miserable and trust that her scrunched up face will make you happy because that's how the internet works.

Presenting, the baby whose post-avocado pout is the cutest thing you'll see all day:

Not everyone was born to love guac.

C l e a r l y.

Watch the full blown avocado-induced tantrum:

If you've spent enough time trolling for viral videos, you're fully aware that this isn't the only baby on the Internet who can't deal with specific foods. While I'm not in love with everyone one of those children (sorry, my maternal gene only goes so far on YouTube), I've got a special place in my heart reserved for the babies who just ate their first lemons.

What's that? You've never heard of the babies trying their first lemons? That's like saying you missed the "Let's get some shoes" video. And we both know if you're saying that, you're lying. Fix yourself and watch some of these sassy baby faces:

A plus parenting, internet. We're all so proud.

Images: YouTube (2)