20 Glorious New Ways To Eat Pizza

I don't think I have to tell anyone that pizza is the most amazing food of all time. Pizza is so wonderful that you really don't need to do anything to it, because it's already perfect. It has everything: hot, bubbly cheese, a crispy crust, savory tomato sauce, toppings of your choice. But hey — why not play around with a few pizza hacks that can only make your eating experience more enjoyable and more interesting? I mean, what could be more fun than finding new ways to eat pizza?

These pizza hacks ensure that you'll never get bored of your favorite meal (as if that could ever happen), and will also make you feel less guilty about eating pizza all the time, because at least you're trying something different, you know? There are just so many ways to mix cheese and tomato sauce with some kind of dough, and wasting these opportunities is basically a crime. Just saying.

I did the work for you, and rounded up a whole bunch of ways to eat pizza that will change how you look at your favorite food forever. Some of these are way easier to make than cooking up an entire pie, and others are just interesting enough to impress whatever company or guests you have. Want to change your pizza-eating experience? Check out these 20 pizza hacks, and I guarantee life will never be the same.

1. Pepperoni Cheese Stick Rollups

Make these little guys whenever you're too busy to make real pizza. They're fast, easy, and SO GOOD.

Image and recipe: The Girl Who Ate Everything

2. Dippable Pizza Sticks

Cut up a pizza, twist it, bake it, dip it. Delicious.

3. Pizza Rolls

You can eat as many of these bite-size pizza rolls as you want, because they're small. That's how it works, right?

4. Leftover Pizza Waffle

This will change leftovers FOREVER.

5. Pizza Fries

Just in case you thought it was impossible to make fries even more delicious than they already are, these are a thing that exist.

6. Pizza Cones

WHAT?! You will never look at a cone the same way again.

7. Pizza Grilled Cheese

You're probably asking yourself why you haven't thought of this already. I know. Me too.

8. Pizza Casserole

Prefer to eat your pizza with a fork? This is the answer to your problems.

Image and recipe: Half-Baked Harvest

9. Pizza Bites

Could these be any more delicious or any easier to make? No. The answer is no.

10. Pizza Rolls

This is the REAL way to use crescent roll dough.

11. Pizza Monkey Bread

Just when you thought monkey bread couldn't get any better, this happened.

Image and recipe: Confections Of A Foodie Bride

12. Pizza "Cinnamon" Rolls

How is this even real life?!

13. White Pizza Dip

OK, so this is dip and not handheld pizza, but it still tastes like pizza, and that's all that matters.

Image and recipe How Sweet It Is

14. Pizza Waffles

Hands down the BEST way to use your waffle maker.

15. Pizza Swirl Bread

Impress literally everyone you know with this bread... if you don't eat it all first.

Image and recipe: How Sweet It Is

16. Pizza Muffins

Probably the most delicious way to eat muffins, don't you think?

17. Zucchini Pizza Boats

Want to attempt to be healthy? Eat your pizza with zucchini instead of crust, guilt-free.

Image and recipe: Cooking Classy

18. Pizza Stuffed Hot Dog

This is actually the best way to eat a hot dog.

19. Happy Hour Pizza Rolls

These are basically like pizza egg rolls. I lived off them one summer, and I don't regret it.

Image and recipe: Menu Musings

20. Pizza Bread Rolls

Little pizzas rolled up into cinnamon bun shape? You couldn't ask for anything better.

Image and recipe: The 350 Degree Oven