8 Cities Where You Can Drink In Public

by Chelsey Grasso

Everyone knows that you can walk The Strip in Las Vegas or mosey around the French Quarter in New Orleans with an "adult beverage" in your hand (that's basically what makes them the best places ever, obvi), but what about the rest of America? Do Nevada and Louisiana really have the most tolerance when it comes to public drinking? Nope — there is actually a surprising number of U.S. cities where you can drink in public without getting in trouble with the law. In fact, there are many more where you can drink in public if you're within the boundaries of a certain entertainment district. (But for now, let's focus on the places that allow alcoholic beverages to be consumed in most or all of their surface area). That's right — welcome to America my friends.

Imagine getting off from work, stopping in a grocery store, buying a six pack, and being able to pop open a bottle on your way home (walking, of course). Imagine being able to openly drink a margarita on the beach, or sip on a mimosa in the park on the weekends. Imagine taking your dog on a walk with a mint julep to accompany you. These are all beautiful thoughts, and if you live in one of these cities, they're also realistic thoughts. Now start planning your next vacation... Memorial Day is coming up.

1. Hood River, OR

This port city that rests along the Columbia River has no open container laws, and allows drinking in public. Is there anything better than cracking open a beer and enjoying the scenic Pacific Northwest? I think not.

2. Las Vegas, NV

One of the major draws of Las Vegas is that you're allowed to openly drink alcohol on the Strip. But you knew that already.

3. Butte, MT

Located in Silver Bow County, Butte allows open containers on the streets so long as it's not between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. Seems like a fair trade to me.

4. Fredericksburg, TX

Texas truly is the real, wild west. Head to the quaint town of Fredericksburg, a city that allows the imbibing of booze on its streets.

5. New Orleans, LA

As long as you're not carrying glass, you can spend your time waltzing around the French Quarter with a drink in hand.

6. Gulfport, MS

The Mississippi gulf coast is a beautiful place — and it can be even more beautiful when you're enjoying a mixed drink outdoors.

7. Savannah, GA

This beautiful and historic city has no open container laws, meaning you can spend a day at the park with a drink in hand.

8. Erie, PA

The East Coast, never to be left out, gets its share of public drinking in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Images: Laura Taylor, Scott Smith, Sam Beebe, LostInIN, David Grant, Jasperdo, Brandi Korte, Intiaz Rahim, Shubert Ciencia, NatalieMaynor, J. Stephen Conn, uniquelycat, Manuel Delgado Tenorio/Flickr