There's (Finally) An Official Left Shark Onesie

Just when you thought you were in the clear from all the Left Shark talk, Katy Perry decided to bring it back again. According to Seventeen, she announced that being a "proper Left Shark" would mean buying the official Left Shark onesie. The onesie, in youth and adult sizes, is available one her website, but it doesn't seem to be flying off the shelves just yet.

According to the site, this creation is an "all over" print jumpsuit or "belovesie," but I'll just save us all the trouble and call it what it is, an overpriced onesie. The creation will cost you $129.99, so part of me thinks that we'll still be seeing a lot of DIY Left Sharks in the future, if any at all.

With only pre-order available and a six to eight week shipping time, this onesie is hard to get excited about. By the time it arrives, Right Shark might have finally stolen the spotlight. But if you're dying to get your hands on some Left Shark merchandise, you can always opt for the 100% cotton tee for $25 instead. Or, you know, just not. Perry calls this unisex onesie "glorious," but I can't help but think that the glory has faded.